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Jeroboam Dynasty (Jeroboam I, Nadab)                                            

   Jeroboam I (933-911 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 12:25-14:20

Davidic Dynasty (All descendants of David)

   Rehoboam (933-915 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 14:21-31>>II Chr. 11:5-12:16

   Abijah (Abijam) (915-913 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 15:1-8>>II Chr. 13:1-14:1

   Asa (913-872 B.C.) (Coregency with his son, Jehoshaphat,
      874-872 B.C.) Good

      I Ki. 15:9-24>>II Chr. 14-16

   Nadab (911-910 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 15:25-31

Baasha Dynasty (Baasha, Elah)

   Baasha (910-887 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 15:32-16:7

   Elah (887-886 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 16:8-14

Zimri Dynasty

   Zimri (886 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 16:15-20

Omri Dynasty (Omri, Ahab, Ahaziah, Joram)

   Omri (886-875 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 16:21-28

   Ahab (875-854 B.C.) (Coregency with his son, Ahaziah,
      855-854 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 16:29-22:40

         (I Ki. 17, Ministry of Elijah begins)

   Jehoshaphat (874-850 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Asa,
      874-872 B.C.; and with his son, Jehoram, 855-850 B.C.) Good

      I Ki. 22:41-50>>II Chr. 17:1-21:1

   Ahaziah (855-854 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Ahab,
      855-854 B.C.) Evil

      I Ki. 22:51-53; II Ki. 1

   Joram (Jehoram) (854-843 B.C.) (Another son of Ahab, and the
      brother of Ahaziah) Evil

      II Ki. 2:1-8:15 (See also II Ki. 9:1-26 below)

         (II Ki. 2, Translation of Elijah; Ministry of Elisha begins)

   Jehoram (Joram) (855-843 B.C.) (Coregency with his father,
      Jehoshaphat, 855-850 B.C.; and with his son, Ahaziah, 844-
      843 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 8:16-24>>II Chr. 21

         Obadiah (c. 840 B.C.)

   Ahaziah (844-843 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Jehoram,
      844-843 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 8:25-29 

      II Ki. 9:1-26

         (Joram, continued)

      II Ki. 9:27-29>>II Chr. 22:1-9

         (Ahaziah, continued)

Jehu Dynasty (Jehu, Jehoahaz, Jehoash, Jeroboam II, Zachariah)

   Jehu (843-816 B.C.) (Coregency with his son, Jehoahaz,
      820-816 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 9:30-10:36

   Athaliah (Queen, usurps the throne) (843-837 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 11>>II Chr. 22:10-23:21

   Jehoash (Joash) (837-803 B.C.) (Coregency with his son,
      Amaziah, 804-803 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 12>>II Chr. 24

      (The 40 years mentioned in II Chr. 24:1 probably include the six
      years Jehoash, the legitimate king, was hidden in the Temple,
      beginning 843 B.C.)

         Joel (c. 835 B.C.)

   Jehoahaz (820-804 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Jehu,
      820-816 B.C.; and with his son, Jehoash, 806-804 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 13:1-9

   Jehoash (Joash) (806-790 B.C.) (Coregency with his father,
      Jehoahaz, 806-804 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 13:10-25

         (Death of Elisha)

   Amaziah (804-775 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Jehoash,
      804-803 B.C.; and with his son, Uzziah, 787-775 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 14:1-22>>II Chr. 25

   Jeroboam II (790-749 B.C.) Evil
      II Ki. 14:23-29

         Amos (c. 760 B.C.); Jonah (c. 760 B.C.)

   Uzziah (Azariah) (787-735 B.C.) (Coregency with his father,
      Amaziah, 787-775 B.C.; with his son, Jotham, 749-735 B.C.;
      and with his grandson, Ahaz, 741-735 B.C.) (For approximately
      six years, c. 741-735 B.C., the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, and
      Ahaz were contemporaneous) Good

      II Ki. 15:1-7>>II Chr. 26

         Is. 1-6 (c. 735 B.C.)

   Zachariah (749-748 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 15:8-12

Last Kings (Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah, Hoshea)

   Shallum (748 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 15:13-15

   Menahem (748-738 B.C.) (Pekah apparently usurps authority
      and reigns over Gilead, beginning c. 750 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 15:16-22

   Pekahiah (Son of Menahem) (738-736 B.C.) (Pekah’s reign
      over Gilead continues) Evil

      II Ki. 15:23-26

   Pekah (750-730 B.C.) (Apparently reigns over Gilead during
      reigns of Menahem and Pekahiah; assassinates Pekahiah in
      736 B.C. and reigns over the entire kingdom) Evil

      II Ki. 15:27-31

   Jotham (749-734 B.C.) (Coregency with his father, Uzziah,
      749-735 B.C.; and with his son, Ahaz, 741-734 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 15:32-38>>II Chr. 27

         Micah (c. 740-690 B.C.)

   Ahaz (741-726 B.C.) (Coregency with his grandfather, Uzziah,
      741-735 B.C.; and with his father, Jotham, 741-734 B.C.;
      sole-reign, 734-726 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 16>>II Chr. 28>>

         Is. 7 (c. 734 B.C.)

      (The phrase "began to reign" in "the seventeenth year of Pekah,"
      II Ki. 16:1-2, refers to the beginning of Ahaz’s sole-reign in 734
      B.C.; the 16 years total of his reign, v. 2, however, is reckoned
      from the beginning of his coregencies with Uzziah and Jotham in
      741 B.C.)

         Is. 8-14 (c. 734-726 B.C.)

   Hoshea (730-721 B.C.) Evil

         Hosea (c. 760-710 B.C.)

      II Ki. 17

      (Fall of Samaria to the Assyrians, 721 B.C.; Cessation of
      the Northern Kingdom)

   Hezekiah (726-697 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 18:1-12>>II Chr. 29-31

         Is. 15-35 (c. 726-713 B.C.)

      II Ki. 18:13-16 (c. 713 B.C.) (14th year of Hezekiah’s reign)

      (Sennacherib leads the Assyrian armies of his father, Sargon, in the
      first siege of Palestine and Jerusalem; the conflict is temporarily
      resolved by Hezekiah’s payment of tribute)

      II Ki. 18:17-19:37>>II Chr. 32:1-23>>

         Is. 36-37

      (701 B.C., Sennacherib, having become king of Assyria in 705 B.C.
      upon the death of his father, Sargon, lays siege against Jerusalem
      the second time)

      II Ki. 20:1-19>>II Chr. 32:24-31>>

         Is. 38-39

      (Hezekiah’s sickness, c. 712 B.C; embassy of Merodach-baladan
      to Hezekiah, c. 711 B.C.)

         Is. 40-66 (c. 701-695 B.C.)

      II Ki. 20:20-21>>II Chr. 32:32-33

   Manasseh (697-642 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 21:1-18>>II Chr. 33:1-20

   Amon (642-640 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 21:19-26>>II Chr. 33:21-25

   Josiah (640-608 B.C.) Good

      II Ki. 22:1-2>>II Chr. 34:1-7 (c. 640 B.C.)

         Zephaniah (c. 632 B.C.)

         Jer. 1-6 (c. 627 B.C.)

      II Ki. 22:3-23:27>>II Chr. 34:8-35:19 (c. 622 B.C.)

         Nahum (c. 622 B.C.)

         Jer. 47:1-49:33 (Before 609 B.C.)

      II Ki. 23:28-30>>II Chr. 35:20-27 (c. 608 B.C.)

   Jehoahaz (Shallum) (Josiah’s third-born son) (608 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 23:31-34>>II Chr. 36:1-4

         Jer. 22:1-12

   Jehoiakim (Eliakim) (Josiah’s second-born son) (608-597 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 23:34-37>>II Chr. 36:4-5 (c. 608-605 B.C.)

         Jer. 26 (c. 608 B.C.)

         Jer. 7-20; 22:13-19 (c. 608-605 B.C.)

         Habakkuk (c. 607 B.C.)

         Jer. 25; 35-36; 45-46 (c. 605 B.C.)

      II Ki. 24:1-7>>II Chr. 36:6-8

      (First Deportation, 605 B.C.; Daniel and others taken to Babylon)

   Jehoiachin (Jeconiah, Coniah) (Jehoiakim’s son) (597 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 24:8-9>>II Chr. 36:9

         Jer. 22:20-30 (Jeremiah’s prophecy against Jehoiachin)

      II Ki. 24:10-16>>II Chr. 36:10>>

         Jer. 52:28

      (Second Deportation, 597 B.C.; Jehoiachin, Ezekiel, and others
      taken to Babylon)

   Zedekiah (Mattaniah) (Josiah’s fourth-born son) (597-586 B.C.) Evil

      II Ki. 24:17-20>>II Chr. 36:11-13>>

         Jer. 37:1-2>>Jer. 52:1-3 (c. 597-588 B.C.)

         (Zedekiah’s rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar, c. 588 B.C.)

         Jer. 23-24; 27-29; 49:34-51:64

            (Jeremiah’s prophecies prior to the Siege, c. 597-593 B.C.)

         Ezek. 1-23

            (Ezekiel’s prophesying in Babylon prior to the Siege, 
            c. 593-588 B.C.)

      II Ki. 25:1-2

         Ezek. 24

         (Siege of Jerusalem, beginning January 588 B.C.)

         Jer. 21; 37:3-38:28; Jer. 30-34 (c. 588-586 B.C.)

         Ezek. 25-32;
            (Prophecies against seven nations, c. 588-586 B.C.)

         Ezek. 33:1-20

      II Ki. 25:3-21>>II Chr. 36:14-21>>

         Jer. 39>>Jer. 52:4-29

         (Fall of Jerusalem, June 586 B.C.; Zedekiah captured and judged; 
         Cessation of the Southern Kingdom.  July 586 B.C., the Temple in
         Jerusalem burned; houses burned; walls torn down; the Third

         Ezek. 33:21-33 (c. 586 B.C.)

   Lamentations (c. 586 B.C.)

   Gedaliah (Governor) (586 B.C.)

      II Ki. 25:22-26>>

         Jer. 40-44

         (Jeremiah’s ministry to the rebellious remnant in Judah and Egypt)

   Jer. 52:30

      (A Fourth Deportation, c. 582 B.C., possibly in response to the
      assassination of Gedaliah)

   Ezek. 34-48 (c. 586-573 B.C.)

   II Ki. 25:27-30>>

      Jer. 52:31-34

      (Release of Jehoiachin in Babylon, c. 561 B.C.)