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Bejeweled 2 – Strategies for High Scoring Games

Okay, a while back I promised I’d share some of my strategies for Bejeweled 2, the stupendously simple, yet superbly challenging game from PopCap. So here goes a brief description of strategies I have discovered for having some very high scoring, long lasting games.

The version of the game I use is Bejeweled 2 Deluxe from PopCap Games and Sony Pictures Digital. I always play the “classic, untimed” game. I first played a Java version on an old cell phone.

So here are my rules and strategies:

1. Hypercubes (5 in a row) are your best friends! Build as many as you can, and never detonate one unless you are absolutely forced to. These are your “life savers,” your “fail safes” when you run out of other moves, and are what will enable you to have very long games – 25, 50, 75 or more rounds.

2. A good move is one that creates, or tends toward creating, a hypercube, leads to other moves, or results in a chain reaction.

3. Powercubes (4 in a row) are your worst enemies! They only tend toward chaos and complicate the task of building hypercubes. Don’t intentionally build them, as a general rule, and if you are “given” one, detonate it as soon and as safely as possible. By “safely,” I mean in a way that does not destroy any adjacent hypercubes.

4. When you have the luxury of doing so, try to “move” existing hypercubes to the bottom three rows. This will clear the upper part of the board for other moves.

5. My ideal board is one in which there are many (4 or more) hypercubes, all located in the bottom few rows, and no un-detonated powercubes. I have had as many as 10 hypercubes on the board at one time…cool, seriously!

6. When you do have to detonate a hypercube, try to choose a color to detonate that has 10 or more of that color on the board…the more the better!

7. Take breaks! Remember, when you exit Bejeweled, your current game is automatically saved in its current state, and will be there waiting for you when you return the next time.

Good luck, and have fun!

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