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“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” exposes hypocrisy of the intellectual tyrants and dictators of evolutionary dogma…

This evening I went to see the much-maligned but excellent film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” by Ben Stein, exposing the hypocrisy of the intellectual tyrants and dictators of evolutionary dogma. The film is ridiculed, maligned, and insulted, that is, by some evolutionists and atheists (if you go to their blog sites) and by some mainstream film critics – which is a good sign that it is on mark and making some people uncomfortable by exposing their hypocrisy as well as the lunacy of evolutionary belief. As the head of the Discovery Institute says in the film, they are merely pointing out “the emperor has no clothes.”

I am a big fan of “Looney Toons” cartoons, and evolutionists’ dogma is not much better. They are positively “looney” in their hurling of insults, vitriolic bitumen, toxic waste spewing from the polluting factories of their minds, which is the only tactic they seem to be able to employ since they are so miserable at answering the hard questions by those who are skeptical of evolutionary dogma.

One advocate of Intelligent Design said it well in the movie, something to the effect of “Hard questions not well-answered have a way of not going away” – which is to say the ID voice – and the debate – is not going away any time soon, and especially as increasing numbers of scientists decide to escape, at great risk of harm, the uncomfortable confines of the damp and dreary intellectual gulags.

Why do some evolutionists want to stifle the free speech and intellectual freedom of those who question the orthodoxy? I would say they are running scared. And in my opinion well they should.

One other note. One of the evolutionists in the film mentioned the deplorable state of science education in America, but it seems to me that it is those secular humanist foxes that have been guarding that henhouse the last 50 years – a telling admission of the failure of their approach. I think the presenting of ID or Creationism as an alternative to evolution will elevate the teaching of science and will help us regain some of that lost ground.

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