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Fun online site with free Mad Libs, MasterMind, and Hangman…

If you are like me and love thinking and word games, you will love MadGlibs, at, a free site which I recently discovered and have been enjoying of late. In particular I am a big fan of MasterMind, which they call “MadMinds.” Their version of the classic game is extremely fun and challenging, with various levels of difficulty, from very easy to very hard. One nice thing about their implementation is that it is entirely written in JavaScript (in fact most of their site is), and the interface and graphics are simple and large enough to enjoy even on a higher-resolution display.

I am also enjoying their version of Hangman, which they call “MadMen.” And some of their Mad Libs generators, which they call “MadGlibs,” can be quite hilarious! Below is an example I created by clicking their “Totally Random” button to fill in the form for “Letter From Camp” with random words, and then typing in values in the fields that were not populated. There are some other funny ones, such as “The Walmart Difference.” Be sure check out this fun and free site!

Here is the example Mad Lib:

Dear Uncle Alden,
I am having a(n) Flipped-Out time at camp. The counselour is Gothic and the food is Disciplinary. I met Hannah and we became Erratic friends. Unfortunately, Hannah is Changing and I Skidded my Eye Lash so we couldn`t go Stopping like everybody else. I need more Corn and a Tax sharpener, so please Platonically Appraise more when you Dawdle back.
Your Cousin,


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