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Was Darwin a fool?

Was Darwin a fool? Recently much has been made of the 200th anniversary of his birth. No doubt his teachings have influenced many to reject the knowledge of or the belief in God. The Bible says in Psalm 14:1, “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”” Based on that, I would say, yes, Darwin, and those who have been influenced by him or continue to be, were and are fools! Some of them are very intelligent, but that just makes them educated fools. It is the highest foolery to reject God, and the greatest tragedy to enter into eternity without Christ. Click HERE to read a Gospel presentation and learn how to enter into a life-changing relationship with the Creator of the universe!

2 comments to Was Darwin a fool?

  • Jessica Moore

    The Bible does say that about those who reject God, so that definitely makes Darwin and those who believe his theories fools!

    However, didn’t Darwin decide that he didn’t believe his theories were correct before he died? I don’t know the history of it well enough, but I wonder if he was starting to think about eternity and where he would spend it toward the end of his life…

  • Jared K

    It is recorded that Darwin became softer towards Christianity before he died, but he still held on to his teachings. It is a shame that someone like Darwin who had a great influence over so many people could not teach the truth. He had the ears and minds of so many people.

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