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Welcome to one of the most powerful and useful resources you will find on the Web! Greetings, friend. My name is Norm Enger, and I am the author of this site,

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This Bible Reading Schedule has been around on the web, in various domains as I have gone from provider to provider, since 1996. Some previous homes that come to mind include the very first,; (now; and But now I am extremely pleased that this resource has found a new, permanent home on the Web, and that is what you are viewing today.

This site is aimed at Christians who desire to grow in a deeper commitment to Christ through a greater knowledge of the Bible, as well as at non-Christians who perhaps have a desire to learn more about the Bible by reading it for themselves. Here you can read through the entire Bible in a variety of translations, thanks to GospelCom.Net’s Bible Gateway.

As you become more familiar with this site, you will discover that I am a skeptic of evolution (from molecules to man), but a believer in the literal, young-earth, biblical account of Creation (Genesis 1), and you will find links on my Welcome Page that engage the debate and support this belief.

For Christians, both young and old, I am also a believer in the benefit of memorizing Bible passages. To that end, you will discover another prominent section of my site, the Complete Topical Memory Verse System. Here you will find 1,693 different verses categorized under 300 different topics, all the way from “Abiding in Christ” to “Zeal.”

I hope that all who visit will find themselves benefitted and greatly blessed. Despite the .com nomenclature, this is a non-commercial site. It is provided for free and maintained for free for all who visit.

My plans for this blog site are to add sections pertaining to both my personal and professional interests, so I hope that you will come back and visit this area often. If you wish to communicate with me, I invite you to do so via email or sign our Guest Book.

Norm Enger